Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seeing Red

I’m in Pennsylvania now.

When I came to work Monday morning, I saw it — the front of the Reading health center, splashed with bright red paint. It was the color of fire and anger, and I have to admit, I felt pretty angry at first. Does that kind of vandalism do anything to improve women’s health? Does it prevent unintended pregnancy? Does it keep people from getting STIs? Or help prevent cervical or breast cancer?

Red is also the color of bravery and courage, strength and health. And when I realized that, my mood shifted. We do good, honorable work at Planned Parenthood, in the face of intimidation, vandalism, and violence. And if a red door makes us more visible to our community, then so be it. No matter what these anonymous, intolerant people do, we will here to help the women and men who come to us.

I am Emily X.

I am Planned Parenthood.


memeticist said...

My lover wears red when she is bleeding, so everyone knows. Indeed, red is a color for bravery and courage - and thus you should wear it everyday, Emily X.

Thanks for your amazing work.

ElleBeMe said...

Hey - Paint is paint. But what PP and all providers of safe, legal care for women accross America have to keep in mind now, is that these anti-choicers will not go gently into the night. Their Federal Congressional power is evaporating, and (god willing) they will no longer have an advocate for anti-woman policies in the White House. I would not be surprised if clinic violence (more than just vandalism) restarts. You all need to be extra vigilant in regards to your safety at all times. The political and cultural atmosphere in thsi country is changing - and those who had it so good for the past 8 years will NOT take kindly to seeing all their advancements scaled back or removed.

So take care in going to work and in all you do in non-work life. As much as you need to be there for the men and women you help - we all want you to be safe as well.

Dave said...

I'm about 10 minutes away from you guys and you do great work. I personally don't use the services but I'm a big supporter of your work.