Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm uninsured, and I need Planned Parenthood

When you are uninsured in the United States — like nearly 46 million Americans who lack insurance today — you are often forced to make difficult choices. Sometimes it's as stark as choosing between getting the health care you need and paying the utilities or even buying food. Planned Parenthood is the health care safety net for many uninsured women, men, and teens — especially now, as the economic downturn continues to spread far and wide.

Hear one woman's story:

I'm Emily X

I am Planned Parenthood.


Barney said...

I am an old man, 64 years old.

I have supported Planned Parenthood and NARAL for over 40 years.

I am not "pro-abortion."

I am for giving a woman the opportunity to make the toughest decision she will ever make in her entire life.

Whichever decision she -- SHE -- makes is ... the correct one.

Peggy P. said...

Way to go Emily. I applaud your response and commitment to the mission of (PP) Planned Parenthood. So many misunderstand the services and value of Planned Parenthood or similar clinics. I worked in a Kansas city county health dept. for over 25 years that provided family planning services and the majority of those we saw did not have any other access to health care providers. Though routine screenings we could pickup on untreated diabetes, hypertension, possible cancer, etc. Though this clinic we could refer these patients to physicians who would further evaluate their situation.I know PP clinics do the same. I support PP with a monthly donation. PP is an essential part of the health care system and valued by many more than we can imagine. Please do all you can to support Planned Parenthood!!!

thom danfield said...

"Emily," et. al.--
it is important for you to know and to keep fresh the knowledge that you are doing what is wanted and what is deserved for the vast majority or Americans. the minority that sees fit to shout their divisive lies in order to accomplish their narrow-minded ends are bigots that would put individual freedoms into the history books as something arcane and undeserved. they are wrong to the "max" and can be viewed as traitorous to the foundations of our country. it is interesting to consider the possibilities for them if some more extreme group were to take control of a portion of their lives where they enjoy unfettered freedom. for example, what if Christian Scientists, citing their religious beliefs, were to deny them access to doctors or the medications they may rely on? it's no different and you are fighting the absolute good fight to protect some of our freedoms from falling victim to such oppressive fools.
thanks for being there; sensible freedom loving people are behind you all the way ! ! !
absolute "bestests"---
thom danfield