Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Nightmare Is Over

After 40 days, the protesters are gone and the nightmare is over. And as for Planned Parenthood — we're still here!

To tell you the truth, these 40 days are, by far, the most difficult time of the year for me. Sure, I get angry when I see patients, volunteers, and staff facing harassment day in and day out. But mostly it just makes me sad to witness so many people using their time and energy to try to stand in the way of women, men, and teens who need access to health care.

I often have to remind myself that what I'm seeing on their protest signs is just the propaganda of the most radical extremists — and no matter how nasty or noisy or annoying they are, they can’t stop us.

At Planned Parenthood, our work is too important. Our patients are too important. Our efforts — to educate women on reproductive health, provide a caring resource, and ultimately give women more control over their bodies (as one of my readers commented) — are too important.

The best part? It has to be the fact that the anti-choice extremists protesting Planned Parenthood health centers actually reminded us of the importance of our work. It's true! So, to those protesters who called us names and screamed in our faces ... I say, "Thank you for making us stronger!"

I am Emily X.
I am Planned Parenthood.

P.S. I'm so proud to say that the 1,034 protesters I encountered allowed us to raise more than $56,000 for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the women our health centers serve — but only if you make good on your pledges! Please click here to fulfill your pledge today.

It's also not to late to support Emily X, even if you didn't pledge! Click here to make your gift.

Thank you again for coming on this journey with me.

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MissyL said...

I'm so proud of the strength of PP for standing up to these protesters. It can be tough to stand up to extreme unbending religious and social conservatism, but I'm always thankful that you do. Although I've never needed the services PP provides, it's a comfort to know you're there, and I can thank you for the continued health and safety of many of my friends. Every single Emily X is awesome.

I still have the word poetry magnets I got from a PP representative in San Francisco (go Pilar!) my freshman year of high school. They're on my fridge along with a telephone number I can give to any of my friends. : )