Friday, October 23, 2009

Boise, Idaho

Near the beginning of the “40 Days for Life” campaign, I received a phone call from a patient who was running late for her appointment. She was calling from a few blocks away, and was crying. After taking a few deep breaths, she told me that she had driven by the protesters in the back of our building. There was a large man shouting at the building (although we couldn’t hear much more than a murmur from inside), and the patient was terrified to make her way to the front entrance.

I reassured her that our office is located on private property; the protesters couldn’t block her entrance. I remained on the phone with her as she pulled into our parking lot and met her at the door when she arrived. The patient was relieved, and received her care without further incident.

Later, a woman driving by noticed the protesters on the sidewalk. She detoured into our parking lot, walked into the lobby, and wrote us a donation check. She told our staff, “Keep doing what you do!”

Protesters: 5

I am Emily X.

I am Planned Parenthood.


Mariel said...

I just saw the email directing me to your blog. Keep up to good work. I don't have much money (being a college student) but I still try to donate whenever I have a little extra. Planned Parenthood in Ann Arbor has helped me several times. I'd hate to think of what would happen to the people who have nowhere else to go if not for those clinics. Protesters, go try to feel superior somewhere else. You know not what you do.

George said...

wow, emily. i am humbled. you sound like a freakin' LION on your blog. it's great to have you with us, fighting like william the marshall for the side of reason and decency. you are a great big giant HERO. very, very inspiring. i solemnly salute you and your profound and inspiring courage.

Jennifer said...

Aw, poor girl. I'd have been intimidated, too.

Anonymous said...

As a young woman, i believe the information and medical care that the Planned Parenthood centers offer is literally LIFESAVING. Especially to those who don't have insurance and wouldnt otherwise have the proper and NESSESARY healthcare and services that planned parenthood centers offer.
You guys DO make a difference, and i am glad you're not easily discouraged. keep up the good work!

Meg said...

That plan is brilliant. Keep up the good work.

Steven said...

Keep up the Great work, They cant handle our Riddum!

but yea its really hard being a Christain and believing in the womens right to choose and get Good sex education and such.

Steven said...

Keep up the Great work! they cant Handle our Riddum!

but yea its really hard being Christain and believing in the womens right to Choose and to get good Sex Education. ill be praying!

Pet Set Rex said...

Keep up the great work!

ivorymoon said...

As a woman I am offended by the self righteous who park themselves outside of Planned Parenthood.
It is as if they think they are going to bless us with their inside track to God on what is right.
It does not matter if they treat people offensively, overstep their boundaries because they are doing "Gods work".

I don't buy it. Love is love.
When I view overzealous behavior it comes off as desperate to have others share your point of view.

The people who work at Planned Parenthood are providing a service for women and families.
Women do not need to be dictated to in our society.

We are supposed to be a country where women have rights.

It is essential to have rights to family planning.

We need to move forward to support people in feeling empowered in their choices.
Thanks to all of the staff who have to deal with this abuse.
You are an example of strength and a reminder to the rest of us to stand together and strong.

St Cloud Minnesota

Pheggie said...

Right on! Don't let the bullies win!

Nancy said...

Oh my, bless your hearts. I have been a great fan and supporter of Planned Parenthood for many years. I am outraged at the audacity and mean spirited people who protest, especially in such a mean spirited, abusive way. They are intruding on the privacy of the clients and the staff.
what a woman does with her personal life is HER business, not that of a bunch of nasty hippocrits who seem to have nothing better to do than cause othr folks grief. I could,(and probably will some time), go on and on, but on limited writing time at this moment. I am very pro active politically, especally on this topic, and several others, but this issure of women being harassed at PPH clinics is inexcusable.

Very Sincerely, Nancy W. RN,MSN,CNS

Jenessa said...

emily, i too work at a planned parenthood in richmond va. i feel a lot of remorse for the patients that you have that feel so unlucky as to experience these horrible individuals. Luckily at our clinic the protesters that we have encountered the past 31 days have been very kind. they mainly pray, and have been very respectful to our patients and staff. i believe in freedom of speech but not at the cost of making people feel inadequate. thanks jen.

linda jill said...

I applaud your committment and work on behalf of those of us who have greatly benefited from Planned Parenthood. Your bravery, courage, and dedication are admired and respected. We CAN NOT give up our rights. It's easy for me to say, not being on the forefront of the battle. All I can say is, THANKS,THANKS, THANKS for doing the hard work.

I am one who has been in need, and PLANNED BENEFIT was there for me. I will always be there to support you. NEVER GIVE UP! People like you are greatly needed in our fight for continued freedom of our bodies.

A very grateful woman,

Cody Xian said...

Last week at my college, a small handful of students protested abortion and choice by placing tape on there sleeve (and in two extreame cases over their mouths) with the word "life" written in sharpie. The day was called "national pro-life day of silence."
Well, why don't we do a similar thing? Not stand in silence, but raise our voices by making a national day for choice? We can mimic the idea of ductape with words, but instead of life, we should write choice.

cockrelld said...

Wow! Now THERE'S a course of action that I hadn't considered. -

I work at several different locations for my job and occasionally, I DO drive by pp facilities With protestors. --

To spontaneously pull into the parking lot, cross their "line", and make a donation based on the number of protestors present sounds like a great idea! Sort of a local version of your national pledge per protestor program.

I'm just a lone guy who now sees a way to make an imediate response.
Thank You for all you do!

Dennis said...

Stay strong, sister, and keep helping those who need it! Our prayers are with you; know that God is on the side of the oppressed, and loves those who show mercy, compassion, and love.

L said...

"a peaceful, prayerful presence in front of places where babies die" is what the website says for the anti-choice campaign...this is a lie, plain and simple.

At the age of 16, I had my first pelvic exam thanks to my local PP. They taught me how to care for myself when I thought I was useless. They listened when no one else would. They kept my secrets, and honored my right to make an informed decision, instead of just saying "No!" as the protesters would prefer.

I am now 43. I have been happily married to the same man for over 17 years. We have 4 unique children. Our eldest is our vivacious 15yo daughter who deserves to have access to family planning services which are appropriate and legal.

My advice to the protesters: Stop it! Quit lying! Act like the One that you say you are representing. Enough of the hypocritical behavior already. Love people enough to let them make their own decisions. Your feelings do not matter. The facts do!

We appreciate and thank PP for helping us plan the timing of our family. Consider yourselves electronially hugged!

Amanda said...

Seeing protesters outside my local clinic inspired me not only to donate, but to actually volunteer for the fund that helps low-income women pay for reproductive services at that clinic. And I let the protesters know about it :)

I hope these aggressive anti-choice protesters end up doing their cause more harm than good.