Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update from Houston, Texas

We’ve had more than 450 protesters at our health centers in Houston since the “40 Days for Life” began. Last Saturday we had more than 90 protesters at the main location alone.

Police have been called several times when protesters have attempted to put their hands on clients.

New tactics are being tested, including:

· stopping cars in the street before patients can reach the health center driveway

· visibly and aggressively filming clients

· trespassing on health center grounds to leave hateful brochures on cars in our parking lots

Protesters: 450

I am Emily X.

I am Planned Parenthood.


elisapiper said...

In Nevada, we've also seen more aggressive protest activity. Not so much at our health centers, but at other women's health organizations. It is worrisome.

George said...

woohooo! you're a true blue hero, emily. i am completely humbled.

i wish you the best in our struggle. i will be looking out for you!


George said...

you are an absolute, true blue hero, emily! i am humbled. i wish you the best in our struggle. you are an inspiration to all decent and sane human beings.

Julia said...

I'm okay with counting protesters and having a fundraiser based on their numbers but do you think it is such a good idea to give the protesters so much attention? Isn't that just what they want?

Perhaps you could have someone videotape them as a means of intimidation.

blueeyedgirl said...

Oh Man, Would I LOVE to "meet" those protesters who tried to stop my car as I'm driving to the clinic! I am not a violent woman in the least, actually, I'm an ole'hippie and want nothing but peace and love in the world. But when anyone tries to take away my right to have a LEGAL abortion...then there's gonna be trouble!Visibly and aggressively filming me? I don't think so. You GO Planned Parenthood, You Go Girl!!

jessbell said...

Hello! I am and always will be a strong, vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood and women's healthcare rights. I am greatly disturbed to see these more aggressive actions being taken by the protesters today. Is it not illegal for them to videotape clients/patients while they're walking into or out of the clinic due to the HIPAA privacy law? I would like to see law enforcement get more involved and take the tapes away from these people and have them destroyed so they can never be used against a patient. I hope to be able to volunteer soon at my local Planned Parenthood clinic. I am very proud of this organization and the people like you who do the work and help people get through what can be traumatic and difficult times. Thank you so much and I am proud to be a supporter of Planned Parenthood and all the Emily X's out there!

Lauren said...

This makes me sick to my stomach
:( The ignorance and lack of empathy just baffles me. I feel speechless. Thank you for everything you do. I feel overwhelmed when I read about things like this. Videotaping patients? It never fails to amaze and disgust me.

Kendall said...

The filming is unacceptable. That's going to have to be stopped somehow. I'm sure there's a legal argument that the "right to privacy" can be extended to encompass such an invasion.

Regan said...

What are the protesters doing with the video cameras? Are they trying to intimidate the Planned Parenthood clients? Can the police doing anything to prevent this type of harrassment?? It is disheartening to hear that the protesters are going to such lengths to intimidate the individuals who believe in Planned Parenthood.