Tuesday, October 9, 2007

People Matter

This morning, as I drove into the clinic, there was one protester holding a sign that said, "Pray to End Abortion." I tried to ignore her, but I could feel her staring. I wonder if she knows that I work at Planned Parenthood.

Things at the clinic seem quiet today — lots of people are chatting about our rally last night and checking out the news coverage. I went out to grab a cup of coffee a couple hours ago. When I came back, the protester was still there, joined by four more. One was holding a sign that read, “Planned Parenthood: where money matters and people don't.”

Have they seen my paycheck? I don't spend my days here for the money. I spend my days here because the women who are in our waiting room when I walk into the clinic matter to me, and I know they matter to Planned Parenthood.

Protesters: 5

I am Emily X.

I am Planned Parenthood.


Heffer said...

This is a great blog and a great way to remind people of the wonderful work you and the hundreds of other PP employees do every day. THANK YOU for not only taking care of women and men across the country, but also for taking the time to educate people about all of the services that PP offers. We're behind you!

Lee said...

Keep up the great work and know that lots of us really appreciate your courage.

Julie Cooper said...

I was in Northern Virginia visiting my parents last weekend and I saw several miles of a major route in Manassas full of protesters holding up signs about abortion being murder. As a social worker, I really would like to see those people volunteering as therapeutic foster parents, resource mothers, mentors, or adopting children. If each one of those people had spent the time and effort that passively standing along the side of the road took, they could made huge differences in the lives of the children they were 'saving'.

Synergy Group said...

I had an abortion a few days before the anniversay of Roe v Wade in 1989. It was a cold January day in Chicago. As I approached the PP clinic to do what I knew I needed to do - I had not the money, the health nor the signficant other to bear this child - I was confronted by protestors calling me a whore, a murderer and a pig. They had pictures of aborted fetuses on signs and were quoting scripture. I didn't care, really, as I was pretty single-minded at that point. But it did make me feel sorry for people who don't realize that it's not as though THEY are going to take care of this child you bring into the world, that THEY are going to be able to pay for the life long health problems I may have encountered as a result. YES - I made a stupid mistake. I used a Today sponge and it didn't work. I don't believe for one second God condemns me. Not a bit. I think God gave me a brain and he wanted to ensure this child was whole. My child would not have been whole and more importantly to my life, I may or may not have made it long term past the birth. Do I ever regret it? Not a day in almost 20 years. You see, I've had another 20 years and as selfish as it might seem, I wanted to live them. That's my story. That's why I support CHOICE.

Delia said...

If I were to pray on the subject, I probably would agree.... I would pray to end abortion. That no one would find themselves on the wrong end of such a difficult choice ever again. But having to make such a tough decision is hard enough as it is without having the choice to make it.... I agree with julie... if each one of these people who care so much for the lives of children (and here I mean children already IN the world, rather than the possibility of children) would spend the time they spend picketing volunteering in more productive ways, oh, the positive impact they could have...

That said, thank you to all who do support the health and well being of all of us. PP and similar organizations do fantastic and necessary work. I applaud, respect and encourage you all to continue. Thanks again for everything.