Thursday, October 18, 2007

They vandalize our clinic

The protesters vandalize our clinic. They spray graffiti on our building and throw chunks of asphalt on the walls. We do as much as we can to get rid of the graffiti, but it is still the first thing our patients see when they come into our parking lot.

It frustrates me that the protesters think that vandalizing our building with extremist messages will change someone’s mind about having an abortion. And it angers me that that they think the choices these women make about their bodies and their lives are political, not personal. This morning, I walked a woman from her car to the parking lot. She was there for an abortion. And I know she wasn't there because she’s a pro-choice activist. She was there because she made a personal choice about her life and her body. And the graffiti on the side of our building isn’t going to change that.

I felt a sense of relief when I walked this woman through our doors, and I think she did, too. Our clinic feels safe and warm. And it's not just because we have comfortable chairs and pastel paint on the walls. It's because she knows that the people who greet her at the front desk and in the exam room are going to accept her right to make the choice that she made.


Angie said...

Hello - I just wanted to tell you that this blog is a very important one, and that I wholeheartedly support your work. I have a volunteer orientation at my local PP location this Saturday, and I can't wait to join the "good fight"! :)

Sakura Kiss said...

I'm sorry you have to put up with those anti-choice folks. I'm a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood and I have volunteered there several times. I hate how they get a bad rep just because they provide abortions, and do other things as well.

Hang in there!

Habibi said...

Keep up the good work!

gigi said...

I have had an abortion and never have had a moment of regret. As a doctor I often bring the news of a new diagnosis of pregnancy and always tell the patient that they have a choice to keep the pregnancy or not. By vandalizing, the protestors continue to reveal themselves for what they are, uneducated, self-righteous anarchists who should be prosecuted for their crimes.

Kelly said...

Hello. I have always valued Planned Parenthood. I want to say how wonderful all you are for working/volunteering in such an overworked, underpaid and draining field of the medical community.

Awhile back, a local Planned Parenthood was moving to a new location. Of course, all was in place to procede and someone/group decided to fight the clinic opening. I wrote a letter to the mayor of the town in which the clinic was to move. A board meeting was held and finally, the clinic did get to open in its new home.

I would like to share the letter I wrote:

November 22, 2004
Mayor Shawn Brown

Subject: Please support Planned Parenthood

Dear Mayor Brown:

I am writing to voice my approval for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region's planned expansion to a new site at Mid Rivers Center. Planned Parenthood has been a beneficial part of our community for more than 15 years, providing much needed health services to thousands of women each year.

The city of St. Peters should ensure that Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region is able to expand to meet the ever-growing need for low-cost reproductive and preventive health care in our community.

I do not see how your objection has any merit. Why would you deprive people of affordable health care??? Planned Parenthood has helped countless individuals and families since it's beginning. I live very near the current Planned Parenthood facility. I consider such a valuable asset to the residences of this and surrounding areas. Women and their families need a place to get reliable health care through a reputable organization. Planned Parenthood is such reliable and reputable organization. Planned Parenthood is the only place some people can get health care ... period!!! Doesn't everyone deserve health care in the best equipped facility possible??? Planned Parenthood's new facility is a positive step forward in the health care field and in serving everyone in the best equipped facility possible.

A possitive step in your new position as mayor of St. Peters would be supporting affordable health care options for all people, as Planned Parenthood does.



Kelly said...

Kelly, continued ...

I do hope with each day, more and more people come to the realization of how much of an important part of the medical field and communities Planned Parenthood is. You all are wonderful!!

annie said...

I get so angry when I hear what you brave people have to go through just to get to work! I'm so proud of you for not being intimidated, it's amazing. I've been going to planned parenthood for years. I don't have insurance and would be out of luck if there were no planned parenthood. Once, several years ago, when I was walking to my car someone called me a "baby killer" as they drove by. It struck me as funny at the time because I was just getting my yearly exam and a birth control refill. I didn't even realize they were talking to me until I noticed I was the only one in the parking lot! But this is indicative of a much larger problem. The issue isn't abortion, it's control over women's lives and choices and it's not funny

formerteacher said...

All I can say is thank God for you and people like you. These terrorists are awful people! I am so glad that people like you do not let them stop all the good works that go on at PP.

God Righteous vs. Self Righteous said...

The religious right is wrong. The Jesus I know would never use threats, intimidation, and hatred to influence our free will. I believe, from experience, that those who represent Him in that way turn many souls away from Him. Rather than inspiring God-righteousness, they inspire a very destructive climate of self-righteousness. They should be ashamed.

The Krumwiede Six said...


Isn't it 'funny' how the people who are 'doing so much good' will do things that are just so wrong to prove 'their' point....


christine said...

You make a difference to the female population. Thank you!

monaj said...

I am 52 years old, and had my first abortion when I was 21, never once have I heard any of the protesters ever offer to take the child that would be born if any of us had decided not to have an abortion, and unless they are going to offer to raise and support these children they claim to want to protect, I would sugguest to them that they either put up, or shut up. I have valued the freedom to make my own choices for the past 31 years, and I want the future generations to have the same rights. Just Ignore those idiots, if hearing them bothers people, hand out earplugs so they can't hear the stupidity that comes out of their mouths. Better yet, walk up to the loudest one of the bunch with adoption papers for the unborn child, and see what happens.

jovan said...

Emily X, did you call the police and report the destruction of property by anti-choice terrorists? That is exactly what the graffiti is: destruction of your property. By the way, keep up the good work, Emily X.

monaj, I will be 24 in March and I also have never once heard the anti-choice thugs offer to take the child that would be born if you had decided not to have an abortion. I also said something similar to anti-choice lunatic fringes about taking care of and support unwanted children for the next 21 years.

The reason why I support Planned Parenthood is because I want women to have the same reproductive rights as we do (as you can tell, I am a man). Planned Parenthood provides much more services to a community than most hospitals ever would. And the barbaric anti-choice thugs don't like it.

And gigi, these protestors shoud be prosecuted for terrorism.

Annie, you're correct. The anti-choicers wants the government to have total control over women's bodies.

Formerteacher, the anti-choice protestors are very similar to the Taliban.

kathleen said...

Thank You Planned Parenthood for all that you do. I needed you when I was 16 yrs old in 1975 for birth control and I am grateful that you would be available to me today if needed. Thank God you are there for those in need. I support ALL that you do! Keep up the great work and much needed service for the women abroad!!

LarryCarterCenter said...

Sadly the free standing clinic in Charleston, SC gets this kind of abuse, often the protestors even say it is owned by Planned Parenthood as if that means it is more evil. Accordingly these zealots feel free to vandalize the property over the years, not just the last 34 days. They trespass, spraypaint the parking lot & put wet painted crosses in the lawn & the local police have the gall to claim that is protected free speech? The Catholic Mayor goes out of his way to enable these criminals. Yet try to have a peace rally downtown & a single leaflet calling to protect lives in the Middle East & we were threatened with a thousand dollar fine! Keep up the good work Planned Parenthood across the globe. I look forward to the clinic to be built here soon. In peace, Larry, a volunteer escort.